With the advancements in technology, criminals have found new ways and means of committing crimes. One such method is to use computers and other related devices with a criminal objective.

There are different types of computer crimes and multiple ways to categorize them. One can divide computer crimes based on who has committed or divide crimes based on the motivations or can divide these crimes based on how they are perpetrated.

Mention below are few important types of cyber crimes based on the role of computers in a crime.

1. Computers are incidental to other crimes: This category of crime does not require the use of computer for committing the crime. However, usage of computer while committing a crime increases the efficiency of the crime making it difficult to identify and detect. In this type of crimes, computers help the crime to occur faster and also permit processing of greater amounts of information within a shortest possible period of time. Some examples of such crimes include money laundering, unlawful banking transactions, processing and distribution of pornographic information and encrypting or erasing data files and criminal records.

2. Computers associated with prevalence of crimes: This category of crimes is committed simply due to the presence of computers. These types of crimes are occurring as a result of modern advancements of technology and widespread use of computers. Some examples include software piracy, copyright violation of computer programs, manufacturing counterfeit computer equipment and other peripherals such as modems and hard disks and selling of original computer equipment, peripherals and programs at far reduced prices in a black market.


Source by Pauline Go

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