So you hooked up your new Apple TV and downloaded a few apps and games already. They look gorgeous on the biggest screen in your home. But since they’re on the biggest screen in your home, you might as well take full advantage of it with as many people as possible.Games

Multiplayer games on iPhone and iPad have always been possible but are often traditionally hard to accomplish especially in local multiplayer modes. There isn’t enough screen for two people to comfortably share. That, however, is far from a problem on the Apple TV. Multiplayer games on Apple TV have so far been great.

So check out the top five multiplayer games on Apple TV that are sure to get friends and family involved.


Not only is Beat Sports one of the best games available on the Apple TV so far, but it has a terrific multiplayer mode. There are four different games within Beat Sports and the object in all of them is to swing your bat during the sport in time with the music that’s playing. Very rarely do you see a game that combines the fun from both music and sports together and Beat Sports is utterly successful in doing so.

In multiplayer mode, you can play the unique Buddy Ball game with up to four players by downloading the free Beat Sports Remote app on all players’ iPhones. This lets you control the characters and motions on screen.

Beat Sports itself is exclusive to the Apple TV for $9.99 in the App Store.

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A newer addition to the Apple TV App Store, Songpop Party is yet another awesome game for music aficionados. The premise of the game is simple: pick a category or genre of music, choose your subcategory, then listen closely to the song playing and try to identify the title or artist faster than anyone else.

There are so many categories that you’re bound to find a type of music you’re familiar with, whether that’s the top hits of the 1990s or smooth jazz. I’ve admittedly spent well over an hour playing this game testing my music skills, and with the Songpop Party iOS remote that enables multiplayer mode, so will your friends and family.

Songpop Party is free with in-app purchases for Apple TV and iOS.


The famous arcade game you might recognize from Amazon Fire TV now has a new multiplayer mode. All you have to do is, like the other games, download the Crossy Road iOS app for free on the iPhone of anyone who wants to participate. Then the iPhone will act as controllers for the game on your Apple TV.

If you’re not already familiar with Crossy Road, it’s a very simple game in which you flick up, down, left or right to maneuver the chicken across busy streets without getting hit by a vehicle or going out of frame. It sounds boring, but it’s quickly addictive and competing with friends only heightens that.

Crossy Road is free with in-app purchases for Apple TV and iOS.

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The Riptide GP 2 water racing game harkens back to the days of Wave Race for Nintendo 64, except with better graphics. It’s not much different from a regular racing title except you’re on water. And this title has two different multiplayer modes.

You can play locally if you buy a third-party game controller accessory for Apple TV and choose Split Screen mode on screen or choose VR Challenge to compete against your friends’ record times through Game Center.


Just Dance Now is a take from the popular Just Dance franchise where players have to mimic the dance moves on screen. You get to choose a song to dance to from a library of popular, mostly mainstream pop options and compete for the highest score with the most accurate dance moves.

If you get your friends and family to download the Just Dance Now app, up to four players can connect to the Apple TV and dance along at once. It’s pretty much the perfect party game.

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