Google Maps Any itinerary plan relying on Google Maps should try switching to Street View for a better experience. In Google Maps Street View, you can explore world landmarks and get an overview of natural wonders in the most natural way. Google Chrome and the Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browsers give you the best experience when using this feature.

Google Maps

How to use Google Maps Street View

Google Maps Street View provides users with viewable street-level locations, including pathways along streets and sidewalks. So, it appears easy to get street view on Google Maps to have a better sense of your destination and its surrounding area.

Here’s how you can catch Street View photos on Google Maps:

  1. Search for a place or address in Google Maps.
  2. Drag Pegman to a place on the map

Let’s proceed with the above steps!

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1] Search for a place or address in Google Maps

  • Open Google Maps on your computer and look or search for a place. Alternatively, you can click a place marker on the map.
  • Next, on the left, select the photo with a ‘Street View icon’ 360 photo.
  • When you’re done, go to the top left and click ‘Back’.

2] Drag Pegman to a place in Google Maps

Google Maps1

Pegman in Google Maps appears in the lower corner of the map. Click it and you’ll see highlighted areas on the map (in blue) that give you access to Street View images.

  • Open Google Maps, In the bottom right, click Pegman. Then, drag Pegman to the area you want to explore.
  • To move around, hover your cursor in the direction you want to go. As seen in the image above, your cursor becomes an arrow that shows which direction you’re moving.
  • Unclick to drop Pegman on a blue line (represents Street View) or blue dot (represents Photo Sphere) or orange dot on the map.
  • When you’re done, go to the top left and click ‘Back’ button.
  • To exit Google Maps Street View, simply go to the top left and click ‘Back’ button.
  • This way, you can navigate to your destination or place you are searching for via Google Maps Street View.

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