Dell has announced the launch of its VR ready, Precision 5270 all-in-one computer for the Indian market. Built to deliver high-end creative performance, the Precision 5270 comes in as a compact yet powerful machine.


Aimed at content creators, the new Dell AIO is designed to offer performance in the smallest form factor. This AIO is built using a 27-inch 4K resolution display, which will come in handy for high-definition multimedia creation.

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Until now, high-end machines came with a lot of peripherals and consumed a lot of real estate. With the Precision 5270, Dell aims at optimising space requirement by offering everything in a sleek yet powerful computer.

Along with space savings, an AIO profile also helps in power savings, which cannot be achieved with larger cabinet based designs. With the added touch screen option, users can get the ultimate freedom to create while utilizing the 10-point capacitive touch.


While the 27-inch, 4K display is a standard feature across different variants, this AIO is available in a variety of hardware options. There is a choice of Intel Core processors, including the Core i5 and i7, while more professional users can also opt for the Intel Xeon processor as well.

The device, as a base offering, features 16GB of RAM while it can be upgraded to 32GB as an option and internal storage option starts at 1TB and go all the way up to 5TB with a choice of HDD and SSD storage. The Precision 5720 makes use of the AMD Radeon pro graphics solution with a choice of WX 7100 or WX 4150 chipsets. If you are keen on getting VR capabilities, you will have to go with the latter.

Commenting on the launch, Indrajit Belgundi, General Manager, Client Solutions Group, Dell, India said, “We are proud to offer the world’s first VR-capable AIO supporting professional graphics and staying true to Precision’s legacy.”

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The base variant of this device has been priced at Rs. 1,09,000 and it features a 27-inch 4K display, Intel Core i5 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 100-watt RMS sound system.

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