One of the most efficient ways to make more space on your work desk is to get a monitor arm. Apart from the added space, you also get the advantage of adjusting the display as per your preference. However, all the space management goes for a toss if you have cables and wires strewn below the monitor. Thankfully, there are quite a few monitor arms that have built-in cable management.


These monitor arms let you route the power cables and the display cables through the arms. This way, the cables remain out of the way, thereby increasing the aesthetics of your desk. More importantly, these monitor arms add more flexibility to your display. So whether you want to tilt the display or adjust the height, it can be done easily.

So if you are in the market looking for some quality monitor arms with built-in cable management, here are our top recommendations. But before that,


  • Monitor size: Up to 34-inch
  • Monitor weight: Up to 25lbs

At the same time, the Ergotron LX is pretty flexible and lets you place the monitor in a reading position as well. It works as intended and doesn’t wobble or shake. While the cable management shaft is not one of the best in the world, they do the job of hiding the cables well.

It’s a desk mount and mounts via a C-clamp. Unfortunately, it has a higher price tag, but the good news is that it ranks well both in terms of looks and performance.

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  • Monitor size: Up to 32-inch
  • Monitor weight: Up to 19.8lbs

This monitor arm fits the base of the table via a clamp and doesn’t wobble. As a result, it can take the weight of most standard-sized monitors. At the same time, it gives you plenty of room for future upgrades. For the record, it can easily fit monitors up to 32-inches and take the weight up to 19.8lbs.

As we mentioned above, it offers a range of motions, and the motions are smooth and easy.


  • Monitor size: Up to 35-inch
  • Monitor weight: Up to 33lbs

When compared to the one above, the Mount-It! monitor has a higher weight ceiling and can take the weight up to 33lbs. So even if you have a heavy monitor or plan to upgrade to an ultrawide monitor later, you can do so easily. In short, it has no issues in holding its position. Also, unlike the one above, it comes with a central pole, making it easy to adjust the height.

While it may not be much of a looker, it gets the work done and takes the monitor’s weight without sagging down. It attaches via the C-clamp and has a range of motions. For one, you can adjust the height to up to 22-inch.

However, do note that it doesn’t have a VESA mounting plate and instead packs VESA extensions to hold the screws in place.


  • Monitor size: Up to 35-inch
  • Monitor weight: Up to 33lbs

It affords you a range of motions, and the good thing is that you can adjust the tension of the arms as per your preference. If you rarely move the arms, you simply need to tighten the screws, and that’s about it. The Wali monitor arm is again desk-mounted and attaches via a C-clamp.

So far, it has amassed s a decent number of positive reviews from its user base, with people loving it for its sturdiness, range of motions, and of course, its value-for-money proposition.


  • Monitor size: 17 to 27-inch
  • Monitor weight: 14.3lbs per arm

At the same time, the movements are fairly smooth, and several users have backed this. It has been received well by its user base, thanks to its solid build and price range. And as it goes with most monitor stands, you can adjust the tension on each joint by tightening the screws.

It has a couple of panels to hide the cables and wires when it comes to cable management. While it’s a one-time thing, some users have pointed out that taking off the panels is not one of the smoothest operations.

Do note that this monitor mount tends to wobble a little if the table falls on the lighter side.

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  • Monitor size: Up to 27-inch
  • Monitor weight: Up to 14.3lbs

The cables are hidden from plain view by a series of panels that run on top of the arms. So all you need to do is route the power and HDMI cables through them and screw the top back on.

You get two installation options: C-clamp and grommet. Again, it’s a popular product on Amazon, and users praise it for its durability and easy installation process.


Hiding all the cables and wires requires precision and a lot of sweat. But at the end of the day, it brings a certain level of satisfaction to hide and tuck away every last bit of wire. Apart from monitor arms, you can also look at the cord organizers and accessories holder to bring a clean look to your overall setup.

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