A gaming desk is perhaps one of the most vital parts of a gaming setup. A gaming desk not only needs to accommodate all your accessories, but it should also have enough room to allow you to move around comfortably. Because at the end of the day, no matter how powerful the GPU is or how rad the room looks (read RGB light strips), they will not cut it if your desk and chair are not comfortable.


A well-designed desk will uplift your setup’s looks and allow you to mount both your monitors on a desk mount. The latter translates into a clean and spacious setup.

So if you are on the market looking for a gaming desk for your dual gaming monitors, here are some of the best options. But first,

  • Manage your cables better with these clever wire management solutions
  • Light up your gaming room in different hues with these cool LED light strips


  • Width: 47-inch | Maximum Weight: 250 lbs

It comes with a few added perks, such as a cup holder and a headphone holder. The latter is an important add-on if you do not want to be careless with your gaming accessories. Besides that, the headphone holder is conveniently located.

The desk is beautiful, especially considering the price. At the same time, it’s sturdy and doesn’t wobble, and several users have verified this claim. Installation isn’t cumbersome and gets over within an hour or less. It’s worth noting that the individual boxes can be a bit heavy to lug around on your own.

That said, if you want a frills-free gaming desk, this one proves to be a good buy. However, if you are used to playing on wide dual monitors, the width might be a bit tight.

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  • Width: 55-inch | Maximum Weight: 260lbs

This gaming desk is around 28-inches deep, giving you enough space to keep your full-fledged keyboard and mouse. Plus, it comes with a full mouse pad surface.

Though it has integrated cable management, the reviews for the same have been a mixed bag with a few users opining that the material is a little below standard. That aside, users have praised this gaming desk for its sturdy build and value for money proposition.


  • Width: 62.9 inches | Maximum Weight: 176 pounds

While it doesn’t have wire trays for cable management, it bundles a mesh holder at the bottom to hold in power strips or power adapters. It’s flexible and allows the free movement of air.

The Arozzi Arena desk has been received well by its user base with people liking it for its legroom, sturdiness, and easy assembly. But do note that the desk falls on the heavier end.


  • Width: 55-inch | Maximum Weight: 154 lbs

If you want to experiment with a sit-stand desk for your gaming rig, then the Flexispot EN1B height adjustable desk is the best option for you. The highlight of this desk is its solid and sturdy build. So, even when you raise or lower the height, your monitors will sit on tightly. It has a width of 55-inches, thereby giving you enough space to fit two standard-sized monitors, keyboards, and a mouse.

Since this is not a gaming desk in the strictest sense, you won’t find a mouse pad surface or cup holder. On the other hand, you will be able to adjust the height between 27-inch and 47-inch easily. Flaxispot is known for its electric standing desk, and this one is no exception. So just in case you want to have a casual gaming session without sitting down, you can now do so. Of course, it’s easier said than done, and you will need your fair bit of experience.

That said, the Flexispot EN1B is touted for its smooth operation. The height is adjusted via a control panel on the right side, and it can remember up to 3 height settings. On the downside, installing this desk alone can be a bit cumbersome.

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  • Width: 65-inch | Maximum Weight: sd lbs

Another sit-stand desk that’s worth checking out is the Eureka Ergonomic gaming desk. Like the one above, it’s a standing desk, and the feature that stands out starkly is its massive 65-inch frame. This makes it a perfect pick for you if you have an ultrawide gaming monitor. Furthermore, it has its share of LED lighting on the edges.

The LED lights are customizable and let you cycle between six settings, and you can do so from the desk itself. It has a grommet hole to route the power cables and wires. However, you will have to invest in some quality cable management products if you are looking for a clean setup.

The table is approximately 27.5-inch deep, and the odds are that you will be able to place your keyboards and nouse comfortably without any issues. It’s quite expensive than its counterparts above. But for the price, you get a sturdy build and plenty of desk space. And the sturdiness of this desk has been praised by a few users.


  • Width: 60-inch | Maximum Weight: 235 lbs

The ApexDesk Elite Series is a premium sit-stand desk. It doesn’t have the added frills such as LED armor on the edges, padded surfaces, or headphone holders. Instead, it brings a clean look to the foyer. On the upside, you get to customize the backlight and the surface as per your preference. That aside, the height is adjustable between 29-inch and 49-inch and gives you enough flexibility to work/game without discomfort.

Though the ApexDesk Elite Series desk is slightly smaller than the one above, it’s much deeper at 30-inches. If you add a sturdy desk mount to the mic, such as the Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm, you’re likely to get enough desk space to keep all your gear. At the same time, it has some handy grommets on either side to let you route the power cables and HDMI cables.

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